Home is where your mother is …

Back at our lake house in Tagaytay. This place holds so many memories for a over 2 decades now. It was my mom’s dream house she had constructed based on a cabin we stayed at in Big Bear.


It was here where I surprised my family after 8 years of absence. I wrapped myself up in a blanket and walked towards my family while they were eating. The screaming can be heard for miles and miles.

It was also here where I first Introduced John to the family. “Mom, this is my American ‘friend’ John.” She hugged him and gave him a tour.

When my sister was assigning rooms, she said “John will sleep in the masters bedroom.” So I leaned over and whispered “Where will I sleep?” She said “Masters bedroom with John, of course.”
They knew.

The house is about 5,000 square feet in size (464 square meters) and has 5 floors. But our entire family of 20+ always hang out In one room- the kitchen. My parents watched their smalll family of 6 grow and grow and grow.

When we are here, we would literally sit around all day and the housekeepers (or my sisters) would bring out food and snacks all day long. We have had this house for over 25 years and we have never seen most of the attractions around the lake. Being together with the family was the main attraction when we visited.

Even at my age, my mom insisted I sleep on her bed with her. There are a dozen beds, but I had to sleep next to her. We would be face to face and she would hold my two hands with hers and caress it. I can’t understand it back then, but she must have been enjoying having her child home.

As we grew older, our nephews and nieces made their own memories here. They have many drunken moments here. (Yes kids, we know). They have brought their friends here for weekend getaways and sung karaoke all night long.

My mother loved this house. Even during her last years, she would ask the family to visit. She would lay on the couch while all her great grand kids scream and jump all over her. She enjoyed every minute of it.

She loved this place so much, she purchased the four other parcels of land next to it. She didnt want to have neighbors.

It was a bit bitter sweet coming In to the house last night without her. There’s so many memories of my mother in every corner.

Thanks mom … we will cherish you, and this house forever.