Andorra’s Box

There’s huge civil unrest in Barcelona involving over thousands and thousands of protestors so I drove from the airport to Andorra at 7:00 pm and arrived there up in the mountains three and a half hours later. It was pretty brave of me – the roads to Andorra are very dark and there’s many deers and animals crossing the road at night. But gladly, I made it safe. 

I did not have any hotel reservations, but I packed enough water and snacks and gas, just in case I become sleepy and decide to sleep by the side of the road. I have done this before. (I know, you think I can only sleep at the Ritz. Quite the contrary). 

I got to Andorra with the help of 2 cups of cappuccinos and found a decent hotel room at La Roc Spa- at $80/night. It was pitch dark when I arrived and thought the city looked ordinary. But when I woke up- I was shocked to see such a serene ski town in the amazing valley.

A New Day in Doha

A long time ago, when I planned a trip to Egypt, my friends said I was gonna die there (Yes, they actually said that).  Then I went to Cambodia and they said I’ll die there too. Then I went to Iceland, a friend said “Are you crazy? you’ll freeze to death there.” 😂😂

The same people who warned me about the dangers of these countries asked me afterwards “So how do I get there?” Haha

It’s NOT enough that you travel- you have to be one of the first amongst many to go there. What’s the excitement of going to places where everyone’s been? There’s something exciting about being one of the first amongst your friends to see a place. Don’t be scared! Remember- we only remember the first 3 men who went to the moon. The rest, didn’t make the news anymore. 

I want to share these images of Doha, Qatar so the world can see its beauty. It’s so clean, people are friendly, and they have amazing architecture. Check out these photos and tell me what you think.

HOTEL I STAYED AT: St Regis Hotel (I highly recommend them). Amazing service, food and most of all – THE STAFF are amazing!

Flying above Oakville, Ontario

You won’t read much about Oakville, Ontario in travel magazines. And locals prefer it that way.

It is located 30 minutes from downtown Toronto (if there’s no traffic) and an hour’s drive from Niagara Falls, Oakville offers a little bit of something for everyone. Immerse yourself in beautiful Oakville. The most ideal time to visit is the summer …

There are many beautiful trails along the coast and it’s perfect for bird watching. Swans glide gracefully along its coast alongside different species of birds.

Come fly with me and see the beauty Oakville has to offer.



Sound of Music Tour: One of my favorite things

250A1732Sound of Music is our family’s favorite movie. We love it so much that during my first trip to Salzburg, Austria a few years ago, I researched all the important addresses used in the movie and drove to a few of them. The trip took a scary turn when I ended up in the wrong part of town and my car got stuck in a small, deserted, muddy road and it started getting dark and cold.

So when my family and I visited Salzburg for the holidays recently, they suggested we take the official Sound of Music City tours run by the Salzburg City Tours (http://www.salzburgcitytours.com). The tour, which has been Salzburg’s most popular tour for over 35 years, lasted about 4 hours at only 40 euros per person. It was worth every penny! We all had an amazing time, and we learned a lot of facts about the movie that were not available online. The guides were very funny, helpful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable (and we even sang songs from the movie on the drive to the different locations.)

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MONOROVER: The newest way to travel

The minute I saw it, I just have to have it. The MonoRover is kind of like a Segway without the handlebar.  They range in price from $200 to $1000, but they’re pretty much all the same. I bought mine from Amazon at almost $300 and it took about 3 weeks to ship. They’re manufactured in China, so the instructions were in Chinese (I kid you not. LOL). But you don’t really need an instruction book to learn how to use it. You plug to charge, and a few minutes later, you can zoom around the neighborhood with it.

PS: Wear a helmet!