Tsibog, a Filipino Restaurant in Sicily

I’m While I love Italian food, it kinda got too much after 3 days. In Sicily, the food selection is kinda limited- pizza, pasta, and panini at every corner.

So when I learned that there is a Filipino restaurant a mile away, I was determined to go despite the rain and my exhaustion. I took the Bird (rental scooter) in the rain, and drove on cobblestones just to go buy pancit, sisig and menudo with rice. My sister was like “Please don’t hurt yourself”.

Thankfully, I got back safely and we devoured it in our hotel room! Yummmm! It was definitely worth risking my life for .

We have a cousin who lives in Palermo and we have not seen her in over 30 years. I asked the restaurant owner if she knows her since there are only 1,000 Filipinos in Palermo. By coincidence- they know each other and she even called her for me. So we got to facetime each other and got caught up. The owner of the restaurant and her son were so incredibly kind and friendly.

Tsibog is at Via Ugo Basi 41, Palermo. When you visit, please order their Bihon. It is absolutely out of this world!