The Germans Know How to Properly Celebrate Christmas

I was in Zurich when a friend posted something on my Facebook page “If you’re on a road trip in Europe, you definitely have to see the Christmas Markets in Germany. The Germans know how to celebrate Christmas more than any country.”


His post intrigued me — I grew up in the Philippines and few can beat Filipinos as far as going overboard with Christmas (Filipino families put up their Christmas trees as early October … I am not kidding!).

I braved a snow storm and drove from Zurich to Munich to witness this holiday tradition. And sure enough, my friend was right. It was truly magical.

Every holiday season, the main squares of major towns in Germany are transformed into holiday bazaars and they sell all kinds of Christmas merchandise and gifts such as handmade ornaments, hand-knit scarves, Santa Claus figurines, wreaths, toys, wood carvings and hand blown glass ornaments. In Germany, many believe that gifts should not be mass-produced but hand crafted.

Alongside the ornament stores are food vendors selling wine, pastries, nuts, chocolates, cheese, and preserved vegetables. Your shopping experience is further enhanced by the aromas of hot chestnuts, fresh bread, Lebkuchen, marzipan, pastries covered with cinnamon or chocolates and other tasty snacks. (If you’re on a diet, good luck to you! So much temptations!) Bigger towns schedule carolers to sing traditional Christmas songs. The event is a delight to all your senses!

Most Christmas Markets start in the last week of November until Christmas Eve. They are usually open every day from 10 am to about 9 pm.

It’s a German holiday tradition you have to see and experience for yourself.

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