Taiwan Diary

This is my second trip to Taiwan. Our family loved it so much when we visited 3 years ago, that we decided to come back.

What is not to love? The accommodations are fairly inexpensive, it Is safe, clean, and there are a lot of things to see and do.

The first time we visited, we stayed at one of the 4 Tango Inm Hotel near Shillin Night Market, known for its vibrant night life of shopping and dining. This time, because there are 14 of us, we stayed at the Midtown Richardson Hotel in the center of Ximending area, another shopping district of Taipei. (As you may have guessed, my family’s trips always revolve around eating and shopping. (And at the end of each trip, we always wonder how we gained so much weight LOL).

A few tips:

1) If you’re going to Taipei, stay near Shillin or Ximending. Theyre not exactly Ritz Carlton type areas, but they are the real Taipei- busy and bustling!
2) For luxury shopping- head on to the two Breeze Malls or Taipei 101 (a mall at one of the talllest buildings in the world).

3) Don’t rent a car- they have an amazing bus, metro rail, taxi and inexpensive uber system. Use Googie Maps and you can choose the best option that fits your budget. It is so easy to get around and everything seems to be 15-22 min away.

4) Taiwan isnt just about shopping- they also have great street food choices.

5) Taiwan also has Uber Eats in case you prefer to stay in.

6) Taiwainese people are so kind, polite, and helpful. They don’t speak English as well Filipinos, but you will manage.

7) Taiwan is a small country- but there are so many things to do here and it has so many cool attractions from massive malls to cool museums to trendy restaurants to historical temples.

8) Check the weather before you visit! They have 4 seasons in Taiwan- so pack your jackets if you’re visiting in the winter months! (And swimsuits in the summer months).