It took a lot of friends to convince me to join Facebook. I resisted because I’m actually quite a private person. But my friend Brian advised me to open an account – so for good measure, I did. I didn’t know it would change my life.

My Facebook account soon replaced email as my way to communicate with my family to keep them abreast of my whereabouts. Sometimes, I over share because I lose sight that I am not just talking to my family anymore- there are 2,500 others reading this. Luckily, many friends didn’t mind my posts, in fact, got engaged.

Last year, a friend who was going through chemo wrote me a note “When I was going through my treatments, I would try not to log on for a week. That way I can read your posts and your friends’ witty comments when I am on my treatment. They made me laugh.” Another friend who was going through a bad divorce wrote, “Your posts were the only thing that could make me laugh during my tough divorce.”

I was glad to make small impact, but the truth is, it has changed me as well.

Facebook has allowed me to bask in the kindness of friends and strangers. It pushed me to the limits of my abilities. It enabled me to venture into places I’ve only dreamed about. It has allowed me to showcase my art. It became a medium to share my stories and adventures. Above all, it allowed me to impact over 16,000 poor children in the Philippines.

With that said – I want to introduce my new travel blog – EDWINTURE. I am hoping that with this blog, I can make you laugh a little, live a little and love a lot.

Whether I am scaling the pyramids in Giza, exploring ancient civilization in Greece, or cruising down the Thames, I hope you can join me in my edwintures. I can certainly use the company …