La Vida, La Boca

When I first visisted La Boca in 2014, I thought “This awful place is a tourist spot?”

But much has changed in 9 years. The place is much more attractive and cleaner. It also has sooo many fun stores and trendy restaurants offering the most delicious meals!

La Boca is a working-class area with a cluster very colorful and vibrant homes and buildings. Steakhouses, cocktail bars and street artists surround Caminito, a narrow alley flanked by brightly painted shacks that evoke the district’s early immigrant days.

It is definitely a MUST visit if you’re ever in Argentina. To get here- get in a cab, show them these photos and they’ll know where to take you.

Just 3-4 blocks away from here is the world famous La Boca Stadium where they play football games at.

Note: Please come during the day- it is not an area you’d like to be walking around at night.

  • Edwin drinking soda
    Colorful wall. Balcony with statues.
  • Colorful homes