Chiang Mai’s BIGGEST Attraction May Surprise You

I ran into my Canadian friend Chantal at the Vancouver Airport and she was so excited about her recent adventure at an Elephant Farm in Chiang Mai. She took her entire family and they took care of elephants for a few days. She showed me photos of their family bathing the elephants in the river and I was so jealous. I didn’t know such place existed.


I was so excited that I immediately called my 10 year old nephew about this elephant farm in Thailand where we will be camping for 4 days to take care of the elephants. I explained to him that “we would wake up early to take the elephants for a walk, then bathe them in the river, and feed them before taking them for their daily exercises.” I was so excited and I knew he would be as well.

His reply wasn’t I expected – “How much will they pay us?”


I explained to him that we would actually pay the farm to do all these. He goes “Why? We would be doing their job, would we pay them?

This doesn’t make sense.”


Needless to say, I went alone. LOL.


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