Buenos Aires is Muy Bueno!

  • I have been to Argentina before (2014), while I loved it, I really had no intentions of coming back. But my friend Sarantos begged me. (I am not good at saying “No”).

Surprisingly, I loved it. I feel like it is a new city again. There are so many new things and the city is now so much cleaner, and more organized. Hotels are more upscale and restaurants, too. The city have undergone a massive makeover.

The downside- the prices have more than doubled since 2014. Hotels in Buenos Aires used to average $70/night. That’s gone now. Want to stay at the Four Seasons? That’s $650/night.

I stayed at 725 Continental Hotel just a few blocks from the Obelisk and enjoyed its central location.

But one thing remains – people here are still
insanely beautiful and kind. People always ask me, “Where do you think people are the prettiest?” I would say Argentinians always rank on my Top 5. I think it’s in the water.

Glad to be back! And I will come back again