Asakusa is Tokyo’s Best Area

My family ranks Japan in their Top 3 favorite countries- except for me. I have been there 6 times and never understood the fascination until my recent trip. I never used to like it because for me, Tokyo looks like New York, but with Japanese writings on the buildings. I have always thought that Japan lacked culture unlike Bali.


However, during our last visit, we stayed in Asakusa. It was my first time there and I fell in love with it immediately .

Asakusa retains the vibe of an older Tokyo, with traditional craft shops and street-food stalls along Nakamise Street near the ancient Sensō-ji temple. Mid-19th-century Hanayashiki amusement park has rides and cafes, while riverside Kuritsu Sumida Park hosts regular festivals and firework displays.

I would get lost in alleys lined with traditional stores selling kimonos, silk fabrics, Japanese wares, etc. This is how I imagined Japan.

If you’re ever in Tokyo, I recommend you stay in this area.