Andorra’s Box

There’s huge civil unrest in Barcelona involving over thousands and thousands of protestors so I drove from the airport to Andorra at 7:00 pm and arrived there up in the mountains three and a half hours later. It was pretty brave of me – the roads to Andorra are very dark and there’s many deers and animals crossing the road at night. But gladly, I made it safe. 

I did not have any hotel reservations, but I packed enough water and snacks and gas, just in case I become sleepy and decide to sleep by the side of the road. I have done this before. (I know, you think I can only sleep at the Ritz. Quite the contrary). 

I got to Andorra with the help of 2 cups of cappuccinos and found a decent hotel room at La Roc Spa- at $80/night. It was pitch dark when I arrived and thought the city looked ordinary. But when I woke up- I was shocked to see such a serene ski town in the amazing valley.