Adventures in Iguazu

Iguazu Falls seems like a world away, and to be honest, it kinda is. But it is definitely worth the trip.

You can reach Iguazu via a 2 hour plane ride from Buenos Aires or an hour flight from Rio Brazil.

There are many tour groups available from either countries, but to be honest, you don’t really need to join a tour group. The town of Iguazu is very small and it is very easy to get around.

My friend Sarantos and I flew from Buenos Aires, his dream destination. But as soon as we landed in Iguazu, he quickly said “Iguazu is a lot more magical than Buenos Aires.” And it is true.

Many Argentinians don’t speak English (I speak a little Spanish). But we got lucky and our taxi driver Carlos, who drove us from the airport in Iguazu to our hotel, was so kind and friendly.

He was so kind, friendly and nice that we bonded immediately. I asked for his Instagram account and we asked him again to drive us into the town later that evening.

He was soooooo sweet, he showed us around the town and helped us run errands too.

He took us around several places which was great. Because the following day, we had to bolt out of Iguazu to go home to the Philippines for my mom. So it was great that we got to see quite a bit.

He drove us around to show us where the locals live, the other hotels, and to a park where the borders of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina meets.

As a thank you, we took him to a nice restaurant. When the bill came, this 22 year old kid asked us how much his share was for his meal (it would have cost him his entire day’s wage). He was such a class act.
He was such an amazing kid- so nice, fun, trustworthy and well mannered. We will definitely stay in touch.

The following day, he drove us to the Iguazu park. It costs about $12 to get in. Wear hiking shoes because you will need to walk around the park through pathways, bridges and rocky paths to get around the park.

Tip- try to get to the park on weekdays, or exactly at 8 am when it opens! You will have the entire park to yourself!

There are two sides to the waterfall- the Argentina side or the Brazil side.

We planned on seeing both but due to a personal emergency, we had to leave right away. This gives me reason to come back!