A Birthday Party Fit for a King …

My friend Mark was celebrating a milestone birthday and to commemorate this special occasion, he rented an entire chateau in Durdogne in South of France for his 10 closest friends. He has come up with a lot of crazy ideas in the course of our 12 year friendship- but this was the best idea EVER!


The chateau is managed by the prestigious Château de la Treyne.  It is located in a very quiet part of the countryside perched on a hill overlooking Durdogne. The setting is quite extraordinary. This chateau is also the ideal base from which to set off and explore this fascinating region of France.  We rented a couple of cars and explored wineries, caves, and quaint villages in the course of 7 days.

For a week, we enjoyed breakfast served on the balcony overlooking hills with seemingly endless vineyards. The setting was quite extraordinary. When it was a bit chilly, we would have lunch indoors overlooking the Durdogne River. We also enjoyed a meal at Château de la Treyne’s restaurant, home to Michelin star chef Stéphane Andrieux.


The Chateau is very spacious- enough for everyone to find have their own space. The weather was perfect for canoeing and hiking but a bit too cold to be jumping in the pool.


In 7 days, we all bonded and wondered – “Why can’t we all live like this 365 days of the year? Why?”


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