50 Symptoms of a Travelholic

    1. You don’t remember your mother’s birthday but you have your frequent flyer number memorized.
    2. Your idea of porn is Travel and Leisure Magazine
    3. Your wallet (or home drawer) has at least 5 types of currencies
    4. You have a selfie with a parrot, a monkey, a koala, an elephant and a kangaroo.
    5. Your profile pic is of you in an exotic country
    6. You don’t name drop celebrities at dinner parties, you name drop countries you’ve visited
    7. Your yearly goal in life is to get status with an airline (and you actually have a plan in place)
    8. You’re still in the middle of your vacation and you’re already planning the next one
    9. You can name all the restaurants at the airport
    10. You think that travel where you don’t need your passport doesn’t really count as travel
    11. You can’t name the Khardashian sisters but you can name every country in the Eastern bloc
    12. You’d pick a rainy day Argentina or a snow storm in Zurich over a sunny day at home
    13. Your credit card was issued by an airline
    14. Half of your Facebook friends are people you’ve met in a foreign country
    15. You actually enjoy seeing your friends’ vacation photos
    16. You have the double-sized 32 page passport
    17. You got more excited planning your honeymoon than planning your wedding
    18. You’ve spent more time on TripAdvisor than CNN
    19. You can name 5 Amazing Places to watch the sunset
    20. Your favorite Thai Restaurant, is actually in Thailand
    21. You’ve thought of giving up your amazing job to one that will allow you to travel for free
    22. You work extra hard so that you have more money for more trips
    23. You re-consider having pets as it may affect your ability to travel
    24. When you haven’t travelled in 3 months, you start getting antsy and think your lie is B-O-R-I-N-G!
    25. You don’t get jealous when your friends post about their new car, but you do when they post a pic of them frolicking in Greece
    26. You can’t name the 5 members of One Direction, but you have heard of countries like Myanmar, Mongolia, Morocco, Georgia, and Laos
    27. Your friends know it’s better to email you for travel tips and ideas than use Google
    28. You know that Ottawa is not a city in Japan
    29. You love your family but you will only spend Christmas vacation or Thanksgiving vacation with them. The other holiday is for traveling somewhere.
    30. You’d rather do Paris the City, than Paris Hilton
    31. When you’re deciding where to go for your vacation, it feels like Sophie’s Choice.
    32. You have ridden a horse, an elephant, and a camel
    33. Your screensaver is a gorgeous landscape photo, not of Jake Gyllenhaal.
    34. You’re most happiest when you’re on the road.
    35. You couldn’t care less that Kim Khardashian and Kanye got together, but if airlines merge …. Oh, you try to get all the facts!!!!
    36. You know what Global Entry and Priority Pass are, in fact, you’re a member
    37. You know more about a plane’s configuration than your own car
    38. You know how to say “Thank You” in more than 5 languages
    39. You learn that your friend just bought a $1,500 purse, you’re thinking “God, I’d rather use that money for a trip to Bali.”
    40. You can’t name the past 5 US presidents but can name at least 40 US states
    41. Your hottest sex experience, is with a foreigner
    42. The only time you pray is before each flight “God, I hope I get upgraded!!!! PLEASE!!!!”
    43. 90% of your junk mail are from travel-related websites
    44. You absolutely hate airline food by now
    45. You judge people who travel with super large suitcases. You think they’re crazy.
    46. At the airport, you have a favorite sitting area and you know where all the charging stations are.
    47. You know that Bellagio is not just a hotel in Vegas
    48. Given the choice, you would rather hug a koala than Hugh Jackman
    49. You may not remember where you put your car keys, but you know exactly where your passport is.
    50. You actually have a bucket list.

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