Edwin is a Los Angeles-based photographer and writer, but travels an average of thirty times a year for assignments worldwide—by plane, car, boat, rickshaw, gondola or elephants. His photographs are published regularly in magazines such as MetroSource, Mod Magazine, Mabuhay Magazine, Where LA Magazine, Where OC Magazine, and GuestBook. His works have also appeared in national magazines and newspapers in Canada, United States, Amsterdam, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. He has collaborated on 14 successful coffee table books and several calendars.

Edwin has done editorial and advertising photography for many multinational firms. He tries to achieve a dreamlike feel through the imagery and print quality of his pictures, focusing on five important Cs: concept, clarity, creativity, composition and color.

In 2004, at one of his life’s crossroads, EDWIN SANTIAGO made up his mind and his heart to embark on a journey. His goal was to visit the twenty Wonders of the New World. So far, he has visited sixteen.

“Taking photographs of things, places and people has given me the perfect opportunity to view this world in different angles. I have learned that it does not only allow me to capture and collect moments, it also lets me see my true self.

To this day, I am still on this journey––braving harsh conditions, traveling to every corner of the world, basking in the warm welcome of strangers, witnessing the world unravel itself through simple and strange things. When I take a picture, it’s as if the world photographs me in return.”