Rocky Mountain “Hi!”

As I was driving from Calgary to Lake Louise over the weekend, I had my Volvo blasting with Michael Buble’s Christmas Album. What could be better? The best Christmas album, sung by my favorite Canadian singer (Sorry Celine), as you drive across the most beautiful part of the Canadian Rockies. It was such a phenomenal experience.


It’s supposed to be springtime in Alberta, but they’re still getting tons of snow, which is something my local friends are not pleased with,

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While my American friends were celebrating a peaceful Thanksgiving in the US, I’ve decided to sign up for “Dart River Cruise.” I thought- “Wow, how relaxing.” Little did I know that this is what Dart River Cruise is.

The ride lasts for about an hour and 15 minutes at a speed of 50 miles per hour (I’m pretty sure it can go even faster). The river is quite shallow and has lots of twists and turns, with massive boulders at each turn. Dart River is in a very windy valley, and the boat has no protective glass or seatbelt.  As you can see, I was very calm. (NOT!)

To experience this, visit and live on the edge.



Cruised the majestic Marlborough Sounds aboard E-Ko Tours’ vessel on a scenic journey to Mortuara Island. Their catamaran boat was so comfortable and their staff were so knowledgeable and friendly (they even made us hot chocolate, tea and shortbread cookies for the trip- YUM!). We saw some dusky dolphins, fur seals, penguins, king shag (one of the rarest birds in the world), yellow crown kakkariki, saddleback and numerous sea birds from the deck of the boat- what a great experience!

As part of the tour, we hiked up Mortuara Island where the view was spectacular! This tour is a MUST! To book, go to

You won’t regret it! It’s a life changing experience!


Harvesting the world famous New Zealand mussel

Any Kiwi will recommend you try New Zealand’s famous green-lipped mussel (or sometimes simply called the New Zealand mussel). That’s because you can only find them here in New Zealand and everyone’s proud of them.

While on the water taxi to my hotel in Raetihi, I asked the driver what makes them so famous and he offered to take a detour to take me to his very own mussel farm. “You should have a taste,” Pete insisted.

After our short adventure, he gave me all the mussels and told me I can give it to the hotel chef at Raetihi Lodge and they can prepare it for me in time for lunch.

WHAT AN AMAZING DAY! I had an amazing lunch and met an amazing guy- thank you Pete! (Kiwi hospitality at its finest).

This will make you believe in love …


Nicole, her boyfriend of over 6 years Kris and her family, walked 60K in Montreal at the Weekend to End Women’s Cancers to help raise money and awareness for cancer. They flew all the way from BC to do this event in Montreal.  It was such a great day – they met some wonderful people, had a lot of fun (despite the scorching weather) and enjoyed the sights of Montreal. At the finish line, Nicole was so excited to have completed the 60K walk. Then, she got the surprise of her life.

At the finish line, her mother nudged me and said, “You may want to take a picture of this! I did better, I got videos and photos. This you have to see.